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what is cosplay?

cosplay is the act of dressing up as a character or concept. people who do it regularly are called ‘cosplayers’. cosplayers can also go beyond copying their characters’ outfits; they can even “play” characters, copying their mannerisms and gestures.

when and where did cosplay start?

Although the term was coined in the 1980s, the practice of cosplay has its roots in carnivals of the early 15th century, where people would dress up as objects, concepts, famous historical figures, or popular characters from fiction or works theatrical.

Cosplay as we know it today (or fan costumes) began at the first world science fiction convention. Contemporary cosplay follows this tradition and is often performed at comic book or pop culture conventions, such as San Diego Comic-Con.

Now, with shows like Marvel’s Wandavision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, cosplay is becoming more and more mainstream.

how does cosplay work?

one of the goals of cosplay is to represent a character. you can do this ‘precisely’ by copying the exact look of a character, right down to the details. you can also put your own creative spin on it! cosplayers achieve their look through a combination of costumes, wigs, props, and props.

Is cosplay hot now in 2021?

Even 15 or 20 years ago, all things “geeky” like comics and cosplay were considered a bit out of date. but today, the cosplay community is bigger than ever. Not only are more people getting into cosplay, but cosplay itself is becoming more and more lucrative.

many top level cosplayers like enji night, hana bunny or jessica nigri have made cosplay their career. They get paid to dress up, attend conventions, and even promote brands!

how old is the average cosplayer?

there are cosplayers of all ages! Many people start cosplaying when they’re young, but you’ll also find older people (some with families of their own) attending cosplay events and dressing up.

can both men and women cosplay?

cosplay is open to people of all genders, orientations, and expressions. You’ll even find cosplayers ‘crossdressing’ or ‘gender swapping’ where they dress up as a character of the opposite sex.

Is cosplay misogynistic?

One of the criticisms leveled at cosplay is that some people take it into overly sexualized territory. these cosplayers are accused of ‘objectifying’ themselves or dressing up as the ‘hot’ version of a character just for clicks and likes. cosplay isn’t inherently misogynistic, but if you’re not comfortable with sexy cosplay, stick to standard versions of non-sexy characters.

Is cosplay racist?

Another issue within the cosplay community is the debate over cosplaying a character of a different race. People of all backgrounds can cosplay, so it happens very often that your favorite character is not of the same ethnicity. As long as you cosplay respectfully (and avoid black/brown face), it’s okay to cosplay a character with a different skin color or nationality.

when and where can i find cosplay events?

the great news is that there are cosplay events all over the world, even in countries where you least expect it. Most pop culture conventions like comic-con, video games, and more are open to cosplayers. In Australia, Oz Comic-Con, Supanova, and Pax Australia are just a few of the events you can check out. some even have cosplay competitions where the best cosplays get a prize!

Other types of cosplay events include live action role-playing events, historical reenactments, renaissance fairs, d&d game sessions, and the like.

how much does cosplay cost?

Cosplay is generally an expensive hobby as you have to fork out for costumes, wigs, and more. But if you’re resourceful and a little crafty, you can save a lot of money by making your own outfits and accessories. You can also do something called “closet cosplay,” which involves using clothes you already own to recreate a character’s costume or make a “casual” version.

In which cultures/countries is cosplay most popular?

Cosplay is popular all over the world, but it is most popular in the United States, South Korea and China. however, no one does it like the Japanese, where cosplay isn’t just a hobby, it’s part of the culture. this is not surprising, especially since anime is one of the most popular sources of inspiration for cosplay.

how to cosplay

  1. choose a character or concept you want to dress up as. Consider your favorite comics, TV shows, and movies. you can even dress up as a meme!
    1. choose the “style” you want to make your costume with. Are you going to copy the character/concept as accurately as possible? Or do you want to make a special “version”, like a steampunk version, a sexy version, a gender-swapped version, etc.?
    2. buy your wardrobe pieces. You can check out sites like ezcasplay for cosplay-specific items, or you can go to your nearest mall or clothing store to build it from scratch. If you have money to spare, you can pay a cosplayer or costume designer to make your outfit and props for you.
    3. Optional: If you want to take your cosplay to the next level, practice “acting” like the character. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but at least try to capture their movements or poses for photos.
    4. cosplay examples




      sailor moon

      spider gwen


      daenerys targaryen

      green arrow

      poison ivy


      she goes

      fire star


      attack on titan

      It’s time to get dressed!

      Although many cosplayers take it very seriously, your own cosplay can be anything you want it to be. that’s the best thing about cosplay: you honor your favorite characters in a special way.

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