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what is broadband?

Broadband is a high-speed Internet connection that allows you to enjoy everything the online world has to offer.

Before broadband, Internet access was achieved with “narrowband” dial-up connections that were very slow by today’s standards. broadband is much faster and allows us to do more on the internet.

how fast is the broadband?

what makes a connection fast enough to be called “broadband”? there is no standard definition and what is considered a broadband service varies around the world.

In the UK, we have access to a wide variety of services with varying levels of performance. almost every home and business can get a landline connection of at least 2 mbps (megabits per second), but most can now enjoy speeds in excess of 30 mbps.

Not sure what speed you need or want to know what you’re currently getting? our guide to broadband speeds can help.

how does broadband work?

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides the service and equipment to get your home or business online.

Some ISPs operate their own infrastructure, but this is a complex and expensive endeavor, so most pay for wholesale access to a network that they can then resell.

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Most of the home broadband services you’ll find on the broadband genius come to your home via a landline, which will most likely be an open telephone line (bt) or internet network connection. virgin media.

However, broadband service does not always require a line. there is also mobile broadband that uses mobile phone networks, satellite internet that connects to repeaters in orbit, and wireless broadband providers that use long-range Wi-Fi transmissions.

what can I do with broadband internet?

a broadband connection will give you access to everything you can get from the internet. you’ll be able to send and receive email, browse the web, use social media, stream music and videos, bank online, and much more.

what do I need to use broadband?

all you need to use broadband is a device that can connect to the internet and has software to access online services. It could be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, game console, or any other device capable of connecting over a wired or wireless network.

how do I get broadband?

To get broadband, you must first check what providers and types of broadband are available in your home.

then you can compare prices and deals right here at broadband genius, before you select a provider and sign up.

When you click on a provider through broadband genie, you will be guided through the joining process, which will include providing the necessary details and paying any fees in advance. remember that most major broadband providers also require a credit check.

The ISP will take care of enabling the service (including a visit from an engineer, if work is required) and will post the broadband router and any other equipment. On the day your broadband is enabled, you simply need to turn on the router and connect to broadband, then you are ready to start using high-speed internet at home.

how can i find out what broadband is available in my area?

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Enter your zip code below (or into our broadband availability checker) to get details of what’s available in your home.

There is a kind of postal code lottery for broadband. when it comes to broadband using a normal telephone line (openreach/bt), the availability of the service is dictated by the nearest exchange.

but even if a zip code check says it’s fine, some homes may be too far from the exchange to get certain types of broadband. and the speed of the connection is also affected by your distance from the exchange.

virgin media fiber broadband (also known as cable) has its own network separate from open range and is currently available in fewer locations, covering approximately 53% of households.

There is also full fiber fttp broadband, where fiber optic lines run into homes to offer much faster speeds. the availability of these services is still relatively small, but it is growing rapidly and will eventually replace the old copper telephone network.

interested in mobile services? our mobile coverage guide has more information and useful links.

how do i compare broadband?

There’s a wide range of broadband deals out there, but don’t worry: it’s the job of the broadband genius to guide you through them and make finding the perfect deal for you a piece of cake. Here’s what to keep in mind when comparing deals…

Price: This is typically a one-time setup fee (although broadband offers with free setup are available) followed by a monthly charge. sometimes the monthly fee can be discounted for a certain period.

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Speed: One of the most common selling points for broadband is speed. Generally speaking, as speed increases, so does price. Almost everyone will be able to get standard ADSL broadband with average speeds of around 10MB. but this is quite slow by modern standards, and most of us will be able to get some form of fiber optic broadband which can offer significantly faster speeds.

Data cap: Many broadband packages are unlimited, but sometimes the cheapest Wi-Fi broadband deals have a monthly cap. not sure what to get? our guide to unlimited broadband can point you in the right direction.

Extras: Extras can include free routers and antivirus software, and freebies like shopping coupons and devices. sometimes these are essential, or just give a little extra edge to the deal.

Broadband Bundles: Bundles can save you money when you order phone and TV deals along with broadband. You can find Wi-Fi-only deals, but combo packages often turn out to be the best value. Read our guides to value-packed TV packages and quad deals for more help with these options.

I already have broadband; how can i check my speed?

If you already have a broadband internet connection and are concerned about your connection speed, you can check it out with our broadband speed test. To create an accurate picture of your speed, we recommend that you turn off or unplug all other devices, connect to the router with a network cable (or, if that’s not possible, sit next to it to make sure your Wi-Fi signal is up). fi be very good). strong) and perform a series of tests at different times of the day during the week.

my broadband is not working, what can i do to fix it?

If you want to troubleshoot your broadband connection, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re having specific issues with your wireless connection, head over to our wireless setup guide for more help.

We know you may need to speak to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly about an issue, whether it’s technical, billing or moving, so we’ve included some helpful contact details for everyone. Major isps in our guide to customer service and technical support. You can find details of all the ISPs listed in Broadband Genius on our customer review page.

if you’ve reached the end of your connection with your isp, or just want to move on to a cheaper, faster, or somehow better offer, you should check out the broadband genius guide to switching providers, or check out see our annual broadband survey to find out which isps have the highest customer ratings.

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