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what is an ayahuasca retreat?

An ayahuasca retreat is an opportunity to work closely with an indigenous shaman through a guided journey into another dimension. The natural healing power of ayahuasca and other medicinal plants helps ayahuasca retreat participants reconnect with nature and their true selves.

a truly magical opportunity

Ayahuasca Retreat Programs at Ayahuasca FoundationAyahuasca Retreats at the Ayahuasca Foundation help people realize the power to make profound changes in our lives and achieve health and happiness. The rainforest is ancient and wise, beyond human comprehension, and it contains the answers to questions that we sometimes struggle to ascertain by ourselves.

During ayahuasca retreats, participants attend ayahuasca ceremonies and also receive a variety of traditional plant remedies receive treatment from an authentic indigenous shaman, or healer, is an opportunity to discover, empower and motivate our true selves to achieve our highest goals of health, harmony and happiness. retreatants can replant their spirits in nourishing soil, free from the environmental, mental, and emotional toxins that caused their illness or sadness.

healing treatments

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Much more than ayahuasca ceremonies, our healing retreats have a multitude of additional treatments outside of the ceremonies, including plant baths, steam baths, smoke baths, inhalants, purgatives , poultices, massages, advice. , and any internal or topical medical treatment that may be necessary to cure particular diseases or afflictions. We strive to provide the optimal care and treatment possible during a retreat.

shipibo healer don ronor

Ayahuasca Retreat Programs at Ayahuasca FoundationRetreats are led by an indigenous curandero from the Shipibo culture. The curandero, don Ronor, learned from his father and grandfather, a vegtalisto and an ayahuasquero. He is the youngest of three brothers who are all experienced healers. He has a humility that brings a calm gratitude to his presence.He has extensive plant dietas with noya rao, bobinsana, marusa, chiric sanango, and chullachaqui. Don Ronor is constantly developing his own understanding and methods for healing, learning more icaros through his intimate connections to his dietas and plant spirit guides. He is also a father and his wife and children are usually with him on retreats, providing a wonderful light to the group experience. He works hard to provide the greatest level of healing, always wanting to prepare and administer as many remedies as he can during the ayahuasca retreat. All of the facilitators are so thankful for his dedication and willingness to share and teach the tradition. He is a true maestro.

withdrawal facilities

Ayahuasca Retreat Center and Riosbo Research CenterOur retreat center is located in the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve, on the bank of the Nanay river, with recreational options for hiking, swimming, fishing and plant walks with certified conservation guides. The reserve is over 120,000 acres of pristine rainforest, and the Mishana community is located right in the heart of the reserve. The retreat center is part of the Mishana community and employs several members to work in various positions for the retreats and courses.

Ayahuasca Retreat Riosbo & the research center, the main center in the region, has luxury accommodations, comfortable private rooms with full electricity and en-suite bathrooms, hot and cold water, personal fans, a balcony overlooking the river and covered with hammocks, as well as a massage room, yoga/meditation studio, consultation rooms and activity rooms. the programs last 10 days, 18 days or 4 weeks and have 5, 9 or 12 ayahuasca ceremonies, respectively. Ayahuasca retreats are facilitated by bilingual trainees who contribute their own healing knowledge and complementary treatments such as massage, yoga, meditation, breathing, and counseling. the retreats have a maximum of twelve participants.

ayahuasca retreats we offer:

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how to choose an ayahuasca retreat center

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spiritual growth

Our goal is to provide you with the optimal environment for you to replant your spirit. All treatments and activities are optional, so go at your own pace. two or three weeks is a relatively short period of time in the life of a human being, and we really see this process not as a complete and final solution to your problems, but as a new beginning, a foundation on which to build over time , providing inspiration for your spiritual growth. we are also here to let you know that anything is possible. what we have found is this: people who take responsibility for their own healing, put their trust and faith in the plants and in us, set aside expectations and truly engage with intention in their process. These people always get what they need, developing into the deepest depths of inner transformation possible for them, and then are gratefully ready to continue the work of integrating their experiences for the rest of their lives. p>

focus on care

Regardless of the retreat you choose, the ayahuasca base guarantees that you will be provided with the highest level of care possible. Our staff is made up of dedicated students who are always striving to learn more, do more, and be more. even our healers who have decades of experience are always trying to improve and learn, but especially our assistant healers who handle the daily activities during the programs. there is no end to what can be learned and improved, just as there is no end to the depth of the ayahuasca healing is truly limitless.

what can be treated in an ayahuasca retreat?

While much attention is paid to the healing effects of ayahuasca in the treatment of anxiety and depression, when combined with the use of a wide variety of other plants and natural plant-based remedies, there really is no nothing that cannot be treated in an ayahuasca retreat way. Below is a list of conditions and the effectiveness of treatment.

mental & emotional conditions

digestive conditions

physical conditions

disease & disease

replant your spirit

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hands hold a new plantApart from treatment of diagnosed conditions, Ayahuasca Retreats can also be an amazing way to regain the connection that so many people have lost, the connection to our true selves. At our core, we are truly spirits. We are not just bodies, minds, or emotions. We are spirits that have bodies, minds, and emotions. Our spirits are divine vessels of universal energy. It is this mysterious energy that motivates life to blossom. It is what turns a seed into a plant, what gives birth to consciousness, what makes love a reality. Healing Retreats provide the opportunity to nourish our spirits, to plant our roots in healthy soil again, so they can grow and blossom as they are meant to do. By remembering the truth of our divinity, we can reconnect to the source of all life, and begin to cultivate our true selves, and lives, as we move forward in growth, happiness, and health.

Do the ayahuasca retreats have additional activities?

Apart from the ayahuasca ceremonies and daily treatments, participants always have some free time each day. they also have some options on how to spend that free time. the attending healers offer additional complementary activities to enhance the healing process and optimize the healing potential with ayahuasca, medicinal plants and self-reflection and discovery. Below is a list of additional activities.

ayahuasca retreat reviews

comments from previous retreat participants

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