At what temperature is it too cold for dogs

keep dogs safe this winter with these cold weather tips

We all know that dogs love spending time outside, whether it’s taking a brisk walk, playing in the yard, or playing with their four-legged friends at the dog park, but what about in the colder months? of winter? how cold is too cold for dogs to be outside? When does a fun party become risky?

Actually, it depends on a number of factors. let’s find out how cold is too cold for dogs.

how cold is too cold: depends on the dog

Just like people, some dogs tolerate winter weather better than others. while one dog may be delighted to roll around in the snow, another small dog may not even want to set foot outside. Here are some of the factors that affect cold tolerance:

coat type

The thick, double-layered coats of dog breeds such as Siberian Huskies, Newfoundlands, Alaskan Malamutes, and Bernese Mountain Dogs tend to be the most cold tolerant. On the other hand, dogs like Greyhounds, German Shorthaired Pointers, or American Pit Bull Terriers that have short, thin coats will have a harder time maintaining a warm body temperature in colder weather.


Smaller dogs and miniature breeds, such as Chihuahuas, have a harder time with the cold. they tend to lose body heat faster than larger dogs. deep snow can reach their chests and make them cold and wet, so they are more at risk in colder temperatures.


Linker dogs generally cool down faster when temperatures drop than heavier dogs because body fat is a good insulator. But this doesn’t mean you should fatten up your pup for the winter! there are greater health risks for overweight dogs than any heat benefit from a little extra fat. making your dog overweight is animal cruelty.

age, health and activity level

Older dogs, puppies and sick dogs have weaker immune systems and may not be able to generate or retain body heat compared to healthy dogs. these dogs usually need help keeping warm, such as a coat or dog jacket.

how cold is too cold: it depends on the weather

Once you have an idea of ​​how likely your dog will be to tolerate cold conditions, you’ll also want to keep an eye on the weather. temperature, wind chill, snow, rain, and cloudiness also play a role in cold-weather safety.

Here’s a look at temperatures that affect how cold is too cold for dogs. According to dvm jennifer coates of petmd, these are the temperatures dog owners should be aware of to help keep their dog safe in the cold:

symptoms of hypothermia in dogs

Pet owners should avoid hypothermia at all costs. Below are some of the symptoms of hypothermia, according to the Colorado Veterinary Reference & intensive care hospital (vrcc):

  • pale skin and gums
  • shivering
  • lethargy
  • whimpering
  • stumbles, lack of coordination
  • dilated pupils
  • low heart and respiratory rates
  • curled up
  • hypothermia treatment

    If your dog shows signs of hypothermia, take him to a warm place and wrap him in a blanket. VRCC recommends placing warm water bottles around the dog to keep it warm rather than using a heating pad to avoid burning the skin. take them to the vet or an emergency veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

    prevention of hypothermia

    again, never leave your dog outside in sub-zero outside temperatures. keep walks and bathroom breaks short.

    If you plan to be outside longer, bundle up. Get your dog a warm winter coat and dog booties to protect your dog’s paw pads from cold snow and antifreeze. Dog clothing may seem silly, but for short-haired dogs, it’s essential in cold weather.

    if you see an abandoned dog in the cold

    If you come across a dog that has been left outside in cold temperatures, especially for long periods of time, the hsus recommends that you “politely let the owner know you are concerned.” some people really don’t know the risk cold weather poses to their pets and will quickly correct any issues you address.”

    If you’re still concerned about the well-being of your dog outside, follow hsus’s steps to get dog help: Report Winter Neglect to help keep this pet safe. that dog needs to be inside a warm place to survive.

    many states have laws that protect dogs from being left outside in the kennel in the cold and snow. Find out about your local area’s notification procedures in case you find an outside animal or dog in distress.

    how to keep dogs warm in winter

    If your dog seems cold inside the house or kennel, make sure he has a dog bed with self-warming properties. The Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Dog Bed, for example, is made of soft faux fur designed to mimic the warm, calming effects of a mother’s fur coat. let your dog sleep and snuggle up in this on a cold day and he’ll never want to leave.

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    Editor’s Note: This article was updated as of November 2021 to reflect the latest information.

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