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bounce exchange photoHere at LeadQuizzes, we’re always in favor of any tool or platofrm that can help you improve your leads and your conversion rates.

One of those tools is an innovative digital marketing platform called Bounce Exchange.

bounce exchange screenshot

What is Bounce Exchange?

Before we get into more of the specifics of how Bounce Exchange can help your lead and conversion campaigns, we’ll take a look at some of the general features.

The motto of Bounce Exchange is “Unlock Your Highest Conversion Revenue.”

The software is designed to take an in-depth look at everything about your visitors’ behavior from start-to-finish, end-to-end. It looks at the sources of traffic, how customers are engaging, and what their buying history is. You can also use Bounce Exchange to see when users are leaving your site. You can see an intro to the exclusive Bounce Exchange “Exit Intent” technology below.

bounce exchange screenshot 2

Basically, it’s a great way to design strategies to acquire leads, customers and improve essential business metrics.

What Bounce Exchange Delivers

Also called BounceX (or just BX), here’s what you can expect with the use of this digital marketing platform:

  • One of the biggest problems many marketers and businesses face is their ability to get emails from prospects. When you can’t get those email addresses, you can’t create a conversation with prospects, nor can you nurture them and develop a sense of loyalty. BounceX helps marketers combat this conundrum and lets you get the maximum possible number of opt-ins from site visitors.
  • Research (and likely your personal experience) shows you paid traffic from the top of the funnel converts at a low rate. The BounceX technology features the capability to nurture paid technology and raise your micro-conversion rate.
  • If you’ve ever used other vendors to achieve similar results, you may have discovered they don’t create the value you’re looking for. It’s the hope of the BounceX team that you avoid those frustrations you’ve experienced with other platforms.
  • Finally, what you really want to hear: BounceX promises better conversion rates. Why? The tool aims to predict what your visitors want: not for future visits, but in that very moment. These real-time predictions can improve conversions, and are based on proprietary advanced automation. Your site visitors will be automatically moved along a conversion funnel, based on their specific actions.

Sounds great, right?

Your interest might be piqued, but you’re likely asking how BounceX manages to achieve these lofty conversion goals.

Behavioral Automation

Essentially all of the benefits listed above are driven by behavioral automation, with the core philosophy that you shouldn’t treat every visitor the same, because they all behave differently.

Makes sense, right?

Let’s look at the features that take these behavioral differences into account:

Enterprise Segmentation Engine

BX features a segmentation engine that stacks complex cohort rules and works from within a framework of hypertargeting each visitor with specific content. They’re organized into buckets, and then the BX technology comes together with data to deliver campaigns that lead to real conversions.

The below image from Lars Birkholm Petersen shows an example of how behavioral targeting can work:

Website visitor behavior with goals

White Glove Marketing Automation

This feature is the combined effort of the BX creative, development, and conversion teams. They deliver campaigns that are always appropriately evolving, and require minimal to no effort on your part.

The below graphic from shows the general benefits that come with marketing automation.

marketing automation by marketo

Patented Conversion Technology

We know what you’re thinking.

What makes BounceX so special?

One of the big features? Their patented conversion technology.

This is what powers their campaigns. The signature BX automation technology can read the digital “body language” of each site visitor.

Then what happens?

They’re targeted in real time, so no time is lost, or are any opportunities.

The premise behind the conversion technology is that everything your site visitors do is telling a story, and that story is what you need to grab leads and conversions.

The campaigns used along with BounceX conversion technology are the result of in-depth A/B testing.

Exit Intent Technology

This might be one of the most notable features offered by Bounce Exchange.

Essentially their trademarked Exit Intent Technology is designed to take visitors on the cusp of abandoning your website and turn them into valuable customers.

The technology backing BounceX is designed to know and counter that specific moment your visitor loses interest and is planning to make a bounce (which may mean they never visit your site again).

It’s really the core of what BounceX does. The graphic below shows the basics of Exit Intent and how it works.

exit intent graphic

Using Bounce Exchange

There are quite a few different ways you can use Bounce Exchange, all of which have the goal of specifically targeting visitors and getting leads.

Along with using the Exit Capture Overlay, you can run campaigns such as the Nano bar option, displayed at the top of the page, as well as Conversion Bars, which are at the bottom of the page. did a great piece on their own use of BounceX, and the following are an image of how they use the Nano Bar and Conversion bar campaign options:

powerful tips

Below shows another way Search Engine Land used BounceX, which was to promote their eBook downloads:

get top ppc bidding tips

The result of the above campaign resulted in 1,330 impressions, and a conversion rate of 6.39% for Search Engine Land, which they say is much higher than what they’d seen with traditional methods.

So there you go, our rundown of why BounceX is a valuable digital marketing tool.

The signature technology backing BounceX makes it unique, as do the results.

To sum up, we’ll put the benefits of BounceX into the following analogy:

Using this platform is meant to be like a brick-and-mortar face-to-face sales experience, where the automation technology takes the place of the salesperson. Talented salespeople have a knack for reading cues and customer body language, even when they’re incredibly subtle. BounceX replicates that experience in a digital environment, so you can not only improve conversions, but also get people to spend more time engaged on your site — all with minimal time investments on your part.

P.S. If you want to learn more ways to engage your visitors and improve your lead generating process, create a quiz and start your FREE LeadQuizzes trial today!

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