Spiritual Awakening: The Process, Signs and Benefits of Personal Transition

“The world began to change, like a shift. The people were different. It was like a vibration switch, like an electrical switch, turning on a light in my brain. I was able to see through the trauma and past issues. Responsibility for my reactions and myself, at some point we all have to take responsibility in order to heal.” This is how soul counselor and tarot reader Tamara Gabbard describes her spiritual awakening.

During When Tina Hnatiuk was on a retreat about a decade ago, her “brain collapsed.” “The mental construct I had of myself and the world around me fell away and it was pure awareness,” describes the life coach and yoga teacher. “It was almost like being in the Matrix, where I entered an altered reality, but the altered reality was the real one.” In that moment, Hnatiuk had complete peace, love, joy, and insight into how the universe works and how we are limitless.

Mary Joye, a licensed mental health counselor, experienced a spiritual awakening after the death of her brother: “His tragic and early death sent me to L just brought back. I had an epiphany in Sedona, Arizona, trying to overcome tragedy and getting lost on a 7-mile red dirt trail marked with red rocks, surrounded by red mountains and the setting sun,” she says. “I sobbed and cried and wanted the grief to stop. It was so intense that my nose started bleeding.” At one point, Joye heard a horse and followed the clapping of hooves. “When I got to the horse there was a woman on it and I told her I was lost and she said follow the horse, shit.” At that moment, Joye had an epiphany that we make fertilizer out of manure. “I could be stuck in this pain and agony, or I could have post-traumatic growth instead of post-traumatic stress,” she explains.

Spiritual awakening can look different for everyone. So how do you know if you have one?

First, what is a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual teacher, metaphysical authority and author of Awaken”It doesn’t mean you don’t have challenges, but the way you understand your human experiences changes in ways that make life flow.”

Gabbard was able to let go of alcohol and other vices due to their spiritual awakening. And because she was clear, she could help others. “It has brought me the ability to detach from the mechanics of the body and reconnect with the truth of the soul,” she says.

Your spiritual awakening can bring you relief, joy, grace, and wisdom give, for example. It can lead to a better understanding of who you are and other facets of your life. Awareness can bring acceptance or manifest other good things.

How to know if you are going through a spiritual awakening:

While a spiritual awakening can look very different for each person, there are there are some general signs that you are going through one. Here are ways to say you are going through a spiritual awakening.

  1. When you recognize your patterns. Are you repeating the same cycles over and over again? And have you been doing this for a while without understanding what’s going on, then suddenly you’re doing it? You may be experiencing a spiritual awakening when you finally realize what your patterns are.
  2. When your empathy increases. Those who have experienced a spiritual awakening say that they have noticed that they have become more empathetic than usual. They started caring for them intensely and consistently.
  3. When you settle for things that would normally bother you. “Joy seeped in where it wasn’t before. I had physical moments where my body felt changes and I could feel it absorbing energy from my surroundings,” Gabbard says. “I started to ask myself, ‘Is this mine?’ if I started feeling things that were off, or if it was from someone else around me or that I came into contact with, if so, it would fade.”
  4. When you become aware of everything. Gabbard noticed everything and her intuition was heightened. “My good, my bad, my emotional awareness has expanded,” she said. “I became more independent and less needy. I began to connect with this power, the source of all life, in ways I never thought possible. In a way that would take a real interview to explain, it has many layers.”
  5. When your intuition is sharpened. Much like empathy, your intuition becomes clearer and stronger , when you are going through a spiritual awakening.
  6. When your senses are heightened. You will just feel deeply and your senses will ride along.
  7. When you stop gossiping. Because you feel deeply, you also strengthen your positivity, and that means you stop the negative talk, including gossip.
  8. When you live in the moment. That doesn’t mean you put down your phone and just live life as it is. It means you stop the “would, could, should” talk. No “what- would-if’ more, instead you live the ‘it is what it is’ lifestyle – and really mean it.
  9. When you’re pursuing your goals. “Everyone has a sense of responsibility that comes with being on a spiritual journey,” explains Linda Berry, “Angel Whisperer,” spiritual coach, and owner of the Spiritual Discovery Center in Southern California. “You will be inspired to pursue your goals and take on challenges that once seemed impossible.”
  10. When you use your heart. During your spiritual journey, you will find yourself dropping what Berry calls “love bombs” when no one is looking. “This is shown through random acts of kindness, social activism, hugs, smiles, and kind words,” she points out. You may manifest this in poetry, stories, photography, films, blogs, and social media.
  11. When you use your energy. Berry reminds you that your energy is one of your greatest assets when you are on a spiritual journey. In this case, the enlightened person uses positive energy to create healing and transformation. You will leave behind toxic behaviors and negative thought patterns. “Energy is harnessed and imbued with the power of one’s thoughts to redirect general health, high levels of happiness, and physical vitality. On the spiritual journey, the individual transforms turmoil, disorder, and illness with mindful thoughts that transform into energy of purpose, power, peace, and well-being,” adds Berry.
  12. When you finally let go of your attachments. Whether it’s an ex you’re still longing for or someone in your life you’re waiting for doesn’t matter as soon as You are spiritually awakened.
  13. When you use affirmations. You will “affirm” to the universe what you want and watch your manifestations come to life, says Berry.”Notable changes in life are: breakthroughs when you least expect them, financial expansion, thriving relationships, and the concurrence of great opportunities,” Berry explains. “The more the individual lets go, the more they attune to the frequencies of happiness and love, and the more space is created for one’s desires to reach them.”
  14. If you recover from trauma. Discovering your true self and strengthening your connection to the universe can help you recover from a traumatic event. “Through this personal transformation, [they] are now wiser and have a better understanding of how the physical world works as a spiritual being living in a human body,” explains Berry.
  15. When you become truly authentic. You will just be yourself – no apologies, no reservations. You will be who you are with dedication.
  16. When you stop being afraid of death. Don’t let that unsettle you. When you know that you are living a life well lived and that you are your true self, the thought of death will no longer frighten you. You will eliminate that fear and live life as it should be.
  17. When you find inner peace. After your spiritual awakening you will feel lightness. This inner peace will radiate.


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