8 spiritual meaning of waking up at 3 am

It’s 3am and I’m up.

I’ve always been a light sleeper. If my dogs woke up and adjusted their sleeping positions, I probably was awake too.

I wake up between 3:00 and 4:00 am every night.

And it’s not the “Hey, I woke up, but I can go back to sleep” kind of thing.

I. Am. Up.

Wake up.

During this time, I’m often overwhelmed with inspiration. thoughts come to me pictures come to me. It’s electrifying in a way.

And during this time I find it really easy to connect with and channel the angels. Your messages are so clear.

Is your inner alarm going off at this time? There could be a divine reason for it.

The witching hour

The witching hour – the hour between 3am and 4am – is the time of the night when the barrier between the Physical and spiritual realm is the thinnest. This allows guides, spirits and angels to seamlessly travel between the two worlds and whisper in your ear.

Could it be a coincidence that you wake up at this time? Quite simply: no. Do you remember synchronicity? There are no coincidences or coincidences in this universe. There is a purpose behind every action.

That means if you keep waking up at this time, there is a reason. Spiritual or otherwise.

Does waking up during the witching hour have any spiritual significance?


There are many possible reasons for waking up at 3am.

1. A Sign of Awakening

Bright-eyed eyes between 3 and 4 AM could mean that your consciousness is “waking up”. You develop greater self-awareness in a world that is sorely lacking in this area.

When you are in the midst of awakening, your realignment shifts back to your natural state of being. The result? You wake up physically at a time when the veil between these two dimensions is most permeable.

2. your spirit guides

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