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God created us with five basic senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. He intricately designed each sense organ to transmit information to our brain. Our five senses help us to understand and perceive what is happening in our world. Reaching God with all five senses is an important aspect of our faith journey.

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We see these five senses used both literally and spiritually in the Bible. Jesus told Thomas to touch his wounds so he would believe. This is a concrete use of touch. Spiritually we are encouraged to “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8) – as in “Try it! You’ll like it!” We’re being asked to examine the goodness of God for ourselves.

Remember the WWJD bracelets that were popular years ago? It was meant as a reminder, in all aspects our life to be a witness of Jesus. How can we use our five senses to show others Jesus in the same way?

God gave us 5 senses

We must all using our God-given senses Each one gives us important information about what is happening in our daily and spiritual life.

Let’s look at each one –

Our sense of sight

I love this word picture in the creation story: “And the Lord God caused every tree to grow out of the earth, which is pleasing to the eye.” Gen 2:9 God loves beautiful plants, flowers and trees and knew that we would like to see them too.

Do I praise him for the gifts of beauty he has placed in creation?I thank him for the sight, di e makes reading this page easier?

We are also told that “the eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light” (Matthew 6:22). This is a reference to our “spiritual vision”.

Am I seeing the world through God’s eyes and the path He wants me to take? Are there any “blind spots” in my vision that I need to eliminate?

The Sense of Sound

Can you imagine being there at Pentecost when “suddenly a noise like blowing a fierce wind came down from heaven”? Acts 2:2. God sent His Holy Spirit with an audible sign of a hurricane. You couldn’t miss that initial indwelling of the Holy Spirit! Who came running to see what all the fuss was about? How many saw and believed?

Paul tells us in the famous chapter “Love” (1 Corinthians 13:1) that “if I could speak all the languages ​​of the earth and of the angels, but would not love others , I would be just a loud gong.” Without love, our words are just meaningless noise. And Peter tells us, “When anyone speaks, let him do it as if he were speaking the words of God.” (1 Peter 4:11) Um, I’m definitely missing that….

Have did my words sound pleasant today? Am I speaking with love? Am I listening to His voice?

Our sense of touch

Jesus used physical touch to heal many people. He didn’t have to touch her to heal her. He didn’t even need words. But he chose to touch her, and I wonder if he did it to show his compassion and love for her. The human touch is powerful. We can use touch such as a hug, a handshake, or simply placing a hand on a person’s arm to show compassion and caring.

How can I show God’s love by serving the needy, poor, or helpless give hands?

The symbolic use of touch involves influencing someone who moves them emotionally. Jesus was “touched,” or felt compassion for many of the people he encountered. He fed the 4000 because he had “compassion for these people.” When Jesus saw a widow who had just lost her only son, “His heart went out to her”.

Am I touched by the needs of others? What can I do about it?

The Sense of Smell

It’s hard to imagine God sniffing deeply and saying “ahhhh” in a deeply satisfying way, but in Genesis 8:21 we read exactly this: “The Lord smelled the sweet savor” of the burnt offering that Noah offered, and it moved him to promise never to curse the ground again.

Does my worship cause the same effect on God ? Is it a pleasant aroma?

In 2 Corinthians 2:15 Paul tells the Corinthians that they are the aroma – the aroma, the sweet aroma – of Jesus. Their actions and deeds leave the sweet scent of Jesus’ love wherever they go.

Am I so extravagant in my love and care for others that it leaves a lingering sweet scent?

Our Sense of Taste

Remember the story of Jesus appearing after His resurrection to grill fish on the beach for the disciples? After fishing all night and catching absolutely nothing, Jesus appears and feeds them breakfast! Jesus was a perfect man and not only enjoyed his own food but also provided for others.

How do I show the same kind of hospitality and caring?

Jesus says this to his disciples (and us ). we are to be “the salt of the earth.” Matthew 5:13. One thing that Jesus refers to is salt as a flavor enhancer. Our lives should enhance the quality of life of the people we meet.We should make life a desirable flavor for Jesus that all would want to “taste and see.”

How will I flavor my life today? Where do I get my food today, my taste for life?

Loss of Taste

Sometimes we take for granted the pleasure, satisfaction, and joy that our senses bring. A while ago my sister suddenly and completely lost her sense of taste. It was so profound that she can remember exactly the food she ate and the time and place it happened. A specialist diagnosed her with nerve damage to her sense of smell, which was due to an infection. He also warned her that it may never come back. Eating became almost impossible. She could feel the texture of the food, but with no taste or smell, it was all just a chewy, sickening lump. She tried shakes, but with no taste, all she felt was the cold. Her loss of these senses was a fundamental life changer.

Try to imagine yourself interacting in your world without your senses. There are many people who do just that. What if you couldn’t speak or sing? Hear or Touch? Your world would be completely different. Joyfully and gratefully use what is given to you!

Use the 5 senses

We must use all of our senses to strengthen ourselves as followers of Jesus.

If we touch others kindly, but our words just sound like grinding noises, what does that say about how Jesus is working in our lives? I can bring the fragrance of Jesus’ love, but will it be canceled by a bitter taste I leave in someone’s mouth?

Knowing and witnessing to God requires using all our senses. He created them and intends that we use them in His ministry. Don’t take them for granted! Connecting God with all five senses can be a valuable tool in our praise, worship and witness to others!



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