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Popularity and collector interest determine the value of the 1948 cent. The focus is on assembling a collection to a high degree. premium condition coins are needed and premium values ​​are attached to these coins.

first step is to inspect to confirm the date | mint mark judging how much a 1948 penny is worth starts here. different mints produced important varieties.

continue to inspect the condition. compare with images of the different grades finding a close match, narrowing the range on the graph.

Listed by date and mintmark variety, the chart further reduces value based on coin condition. grades of good, fine, extremely fine, and uncirculated are described in the grading section below.

The first step is to identify and confirm the coin that minted your coin. use the images to locate any possible mintmarks.

A second important step is the condition. Pay special attention to the evaluation condition. many of these wheat pennies are in poor average condition. the stock chart readout shows the increased desirability of higher condition coins. in the ranking section, images are used to match your currency. inspection for wear and fine points to condition are described.

step 1: | combination of date and mintmark

1948 variety identification

a small premium is included for the san francisco variety 1947 wheat cents. The collector’s interest, the basis for valuing, is directed at each variety and its state of conservation. boldness of detail, uniformity of fingers (color of surfaces), and absence of noticeable markings are desirable traits.

1948 lincoln cent

no mintmark below date: the coin was minted by the Philadelphia mint

There was an ample supply of wheat pennies at the time, requiring Philadelphia to mint just 217,775,000 pennies in 1947. These are abundant today on an exceptional scale.

Above-average quality is what garners strong market value. Well-preserved coins, free from excessive nicks and discoloration, are desirable. Circulated 1947 pennies are separated into main groups of slightly worn examples and any of lesser quality. Clear lines on the shirt lincoln coat are needed for above average status.

1948-d lincoln cent

mintmark “d” below date: coin minted by the denver mint

available in large quantities; rarity is abundant on the scale. Many of these coins are collected, assembled into rolls of 50 coins, and traded that way. Higher Condition Examples: Lightly worn parts are often separated and included in circled sets. creating an affordable set of 1941-1958 pennies as an entry into the hobby.

Examine any 1948-d penny and note that full parallel lines at the ends of wheat stalks indicate an example of a top end. a potential start to coin collecting.

a 1948 lincoln penny

mint mark “s” below date: the san francisco mint minted the coin

the allure of san francisco pennies is highlighted by a slight premium on the chart. Throughout the wheat series, San Francisco historically produced the least, creating a lower-supply variety. a pattern continued in 1948 hitting 64,290,000 wheat cents.

hold newly minted coins and quantities from then-current circulation held enough to place them overall as abundant on the rarity scale. light circulation coins of extremely fine grade or better deserve closer inspection. Details within Lincoln’s hair are examined for flatness.

step 2: | condition of the judge to identify the degree

the value of the 1948 lincoln cent is conditional

Grading a coin involves judging the status of devices, legend, and fields against a standard for grading. images are compared to your coin, helping to visualize differences in the amount of surface wear.

Achieving an exact value implies an accurate determination of the grade. When viewing your coin, the overall first impression is important. an above average coin is sharp in every detail. the lincoln bust shows most of the original design.

video | lincoln wheat cent sorting

Additional information on appraisal value and condition is covered by visiting the Lincoln Wheat Cent Rating. many post-1943 wheat pennies are separated in value by easily recognizable differences in condition. early dates, before 1944, have a higher value and need closer inspection.

step 3: | special qualities that enhance value

cent of wheat with letters missing

minting a quality wheat penny requires precise creation of the dies and precision during the minting phase. Small variations in the process show up in the last penny of wheat. Image is a wheat penny showing areas of design weakness and missing lettering.

To the left of lincoln, “liberty” is missing the letters “ib” entirely with a barely visible partial “l”. “in” in in god we trust only shows the upper parts of the letters. Lincoln’s shoulder near the edge is completely flat, with no coat details.

on the reverse there is a dramatic lack of the “o” in “a penny”. “e pluribus unum” along the top edge is also missing many of the letters.

Although the example is worn, the amount of wear is not enough to explain the total lack of design in missing areas and lettering. wear is usually even, problems on this coin are localized. the weakness on the obverse is in the area of ​​lincoln’s shoulder, an area of ​​high relief. the “o” in one on the reverse is in the same position in front of the shoulder. Note the weakness of “I am” part of America. another area opposite the high relief area of ​​the lincoln portrait.

A slight variation in the spacing between the upper and lower dies did not fully imprint the design on the coin.

Two factors limit the potential added value of this coin. the production of coins with weakly struck areas happened frequently throughout the series. Second, the coin’s appeal is to a smaller pool of collectors, limiting its demand and premium value. a greater number of collectors look for a good mint-dated example and prefer a fully minted coin.

we mint. 1949 annual report of the US mint https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/publisherdetail/51

coin values ​​| coinstudy articles

lincoln penny value chart

Lincoln Wheat Cents span the years 1909 to 1958. From the best condition coins collected by advanced collectors to well-worn examples; to an affordable collection for young collectors, the range of values ​​is wide. identify its date, mint and condition and refer to the table of values.

coin value guide | how to value a coin collection

a step-by-step method combined with the online coin value guide identifies how to value a coin collection. find out how much your box of ancient coins is worth.

★ coin value discovery finds 1948 penny value and…

all values ​​of US currencies. recognize your old coins using the image links that lead to the value charts. date | mint mark | conditions are considered; all described and illustrated within each series. amazing value is often found in the smallest detail.

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