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The value of the 1940 cent is shown on the chart in different categories. of first importance is the variety of date and mintmark.

mintmarks identify the mint branch striking the coin. different values ​​are attached depending on the mint.

The condition is evaluated next. a process of sorting out the lesser condition coins finds that 1940 wheat cents are worth a premium over average quality coins.

mintmark and sort condition are explored in depth following the value box.

The first step in the value process is to identify the correct 1940 cent variety.

confirm combination of date and mint. the images point out the location of the mint marks and the descriptions highlight the differences.

An additional sort condition step is performed to reduce the value of each variety.

Wear stages are displayed and used to match your coin to a standard. subtle details are described. First impressions are important. Light wear on the coin with ample detail remaining quickly spot a premium wheat penny.

begins separating the date | mint brand variety.

step 1: | combination of date and mintmark

mintmark varieties of 1940 lincoln cent

Three varieties of pennies were minted in 1940. the decade began with a large number of pennies produced for the year, over 781,000,000 reported in mint records. variety identification finds differences in the value of the 1940 cent.

1940 lincoln cent

no mintmark below date: the coin was minted by the Philadelphia mint

1940 Philadelphia penny production is the sixth highest of any year for wheat pennies. 586,825,872 struck (calendar year record mintage report). the scale of rarity is abundant. circulated examples dominate the extant coins that remain. slightly worn coins are in demand by young collectors starting collections.

1940 cents preferred, in any condition with no discernible markings. The lack of dents on the edge and the prominent areas, the portrait of Lincoln, are solid coins within a grade.

1940-d lincoln cent

mint mark “d” below date: coin minted by the denver mint

denver struck the fewest of the three varieties of 1940 wheat cents. the highest value is seen with lightly circulated coins and in better condition.

These old pennies tend to accumulate debris within the letter and date areas, a nice coin that is noted to have little accumulation or problems.

1940-lincoln penny

“s” mark below the date: the coin was minted by the san francisco mint

scale of rarity: abundant. The San Francisco mint reached 112,940,000 cents in 1940. The 10th highest mint “S” total of the entire series of wheat cents. the popularity of pennies and examples of mint “s” supports the value.

Large supplies are available for collectors. these are inspected for quality. even light tan to brown coloring is a favorite. blemishes and dark areas detract from the eye and are discounted.

step 2: | condition of the judge to identify the degree

judge status and 1940 penny value

grading judges the amount of wear that appears on the surface of a coin. a set of standard grades defines the condition stages. collectors use grades in the value process and are listed on the charts.

Handle your coins by the edges avoiding touching the surface. copper picks up and reacts to most substances. from this moment the conservation maintains the value.

video | lincoln wheat cent sorting

lincoln wheat cent grading covers additional points in greater detail when judging condition. Both the front and back of these wheat pennies have many areas to examine to help establish and confirm a grade. when qualification is complete, you are in a position to obtain true market value.

step 3: | special qualities that enhance value

secure coin storage protects future value

One of the factors contributing to the popularity of wheat pennies is their availability. billions were produced and millions saved. beginning collectors are attracted to the series due to the easy budget requirements for assembling circulated sets. the appeal extends to advanced collectors looking for elusive mint condition examples in top condition.

every penny of wheat shows the level of conservation maintained by how they were stored over the years. the original bright copper is still bright after decades and the nice vintage tone is attractive. protected from manipulation results in the coins remaining attractive.

Left exposed, reactions with their surroundings leave surfaces unattractive. the uneven coloration is distracting and the green verdigris is destroying the surface. both avoidable.

Any wheat penny over the minimum value of a few cents is protected through individual segregation. Sample amounts of minimum and average values ​​are well preserved by storing them in coin tubes. each one is made especially for the hobby of safely storing coins. Shown is a 2×2 saflip (two pockets separate the coin from the tag) and the Harris coin tube. the article: providing secure coin storage explores in greater detail.

we mint. 1941 us mint annual report https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/publisherdetail/51 federal trade commission. invest in collectible coins. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0136-investing-collectible-coins

coin values ​​| coinstudy articles

lincoln penny value chart

The value chart covers the wheat design years from 1909 to 1958 for Lincoln cents. from uncirculated coins collected by advance collectors to worn specimens, an affordable collectible popular with young collectors. identify date, mint and condition; a wide range of values ​​is found and identified.

identify rare pennies

Rare pennies are identified in series from wheat pennies to the early years of the us mint. uu. these pennies and half-cents first minted in 1793 have a number of notable problems.

★ coin value discovery finds 1940 cent value and…

all values ​​of US currencies. recognize your old coins using the image links that lead to the value charts. date | mint mark | conditions are considered; all described and illustrated within each series. amazing value is often found in the smallest detail.

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