The Symbolism Of a Crow: Its Mysterious Spiritual Meaning

Crows appear frequently in the realms of magic and mystery, spells, the occult, and folklore. We often associate crows with death or dark magic, but there are some cultures and traditions that view crows as positive and life-giving creatures. So what is the spiritual meaning of a crow and what does it mean when it keeps appearing in your life?

Crows appear to let you know that spiritual changes are occurring around you and remind you to pay attention to the spiritual messages being sent to guide you. They represent transformation, cycles, psychic tools and glimpses into unseen realms. Crows are problem solvers and can help you focus on a solution when faced with a challenge.

Like everything in spiritual language, crows can appear as a spiritual sign to you in many ways, depending on where you are in your journey. This article looks at several common spiritual messages from crows and what they can mean for you.

What is the symbolic meaning of crow?

Throughout history, crows have been shown as symbols to represent certain human experiences, particularly those related to the spiritual mystery that permeates our physical world.

Here are some examples of crows that appear in ancient mythology:

  • Crows as mediators between life and death
  • As carrion birds, they eat the dead and let them embody death and lost souls
  • They are the reincarnation of damned souls
  • Crows were believed to be the bearers of tragic news, usually heralding a hero’s death
  • li>They were treated as supernatural creatures capable of communicating with humans

Symbolically, crows were generally a symbol of death and the process of transformation from the physical to the spiritual world. In spiritual language, however, death does not mean the physical act of dying; rather, death represents change, transition, transformation and new beginnings.

While crows represent death and dying, this also opens the way for new possibilities and ways to grow and evolve. In shamanism, the act of dying is the highest spiritual level you can experience, as it represents the death of the ego and surface identity and a reminder of your highest essence.

For this reason, crows represent the ending and separation of a state of being that leads to the beginning of a higher spiritual existence. Often this can be a difficult and challenging time filled with grief, loss and upheaval. Because of this, crows are usually associated with “negative” or “bad omen” energy. However, growth can only take place if we go through times of challenge.

Are crows spiritual messengers?

All birds are spiritually sensitive to energies around them, so birds and feathers can often appear as a spiritual message. Crows are even more connected to the spirit realm than most birds and have been associated with prophetic vision and clairvoyance throughout history. Because of this, they are seen as spiritual messengers.

Here are common ways crows can send you messages from the spirit world:

  1. Transfiguration: Crows can appear when you experience something sudden Shift, upheaval, internal and external chaos that will lead to a spiritual awakening and inner revelation of self.
  2. Separation: Crows mourn the dead , and can surface when you are experiencing the breakup of a loved one who has either passed away or ended a relationship. They show up to offer comfort and help you navigate the grieving process.
  3. Ends: Crows may appear to help you end one season of your life and start a new one. We are often resistant to change, so they show up to help you break down resistance to ending certain aspects of your life.
  4. Shadow self: The black color of crows represents shadow work and working through parts of your shadow self. They can appear when negative or dark parts of you surface that are holding you back. Crows can help you break through these.
  5. Illusion: Crows may appear to help you overcome a period of uncertainty and illusions that prevent you from seeing the bigger picture. They are asking you to tap into your intuition and pay attention to your inner and psychic vision.
  6. Mental Blocks: Crows are creative and can emerge to help you overcome mental, emotional and spiritual blocks through creativity and problem solving.

If you see crows frequently and feel like you are receiving a spiritual message, be aware of other signs and synchronicities that are also occurring. Crows move through both the spiritual and physical realms, bringing with them spiritual gifts and messages through patterns and synchronicities that appear all around you.

Are crows good luck?

Due to the common association crows have with death, crows are often thought of as bringers of bad luck. But in some cultures, crows can be a sign that you are lucky. So are crows a sign of good luck or bad luck?

Crows can be a sign of temporary setbacks that will lead to long-term success and future positive change. This is how crows seem to bring bad luck; However, this luck will change for the better in the future. So crows are good luck for future success and achievement.

Because crows are so closely connected to the spirit world, they are not attached to the same timeline as we are. They have been used as a symbol throughout history to bring prophecies and accounts of future changes as they can fade in and out in time and space.

The appearance of a crow can cause temporary and unexpected changes. These can be small changes or massive upheavals in your life. Whenever our comfort zone is disturbed, we feel like we’ve had a bad luck. It can make us feel victimized or feel sorry for ourselves. However, more often than not, if we embrace these changes and flow with these disruptions, we are better off in the long run.

The phrase “I am my own worst enemy” is the mantra of the crow. We can hold back in life, and sometimes it takes a higher force to shake things up before we can change our path and start moving in the right direction.

The crow is designed to warn you of the upcoming changes so you can prepare to make the most of the challenges ahead. If you can solve problems and are adaptable like the crow, happiness, success and abundance will follow.

Do crows mean death?

With depictions in the media of black objects and beings representing death, evil, doom and negativity, it makes sense that crows would be commonly associated with death and darkness. The historical depiction of crows being associated with death in folklore and fables only adds to this assumption. These depictions can lead someone to believe that seeing a crow means death is near.

But do crows really mean death, and does the sight of a crow mean that you or someone close to you will die?

Crows are shown as a symbolic spiritual language of what death represents, rather than a physical act of dying. So if you see a crow, it probably doesn’t mean that death is near for you and your loved ones. However, there are deeper meanings and spiritual lessons about our physical experience of death that the crow is meant to teach us.

Actually, the crow represents reincarnation and the transformation that death brings, opening a door to an entirely new reality and a whole new one to experience a sense of being. Reincarnation is constantly happening in our lives through the process of change and transformation that drives us forward.

Every time something ends in our life, we experience death. This can be the end of a relationship, the end of living in a house, the end of a job, or even the end of a day. Reincarnation is the process of having that experience and starting over with a higher knowledge than before. This is the process of evolution and growth.

Crow energy helps guide you through this process. When you’re feeling lost or in a state of grief, the crow is there to bring you comfort and help you mourn in her all-black cloak. When you are empty, the crow fills you with creativity and problem-solving skills to start fresh.

The crow represents the familiar but feared figure of death and change. We never like to say goodbye, but we rely on the support to take us to the next step in our journey.

What does it mean when crows hang around?

Some people report that crows pop up around them all the time or that crows appear in their lives in unexpected ways. Crows, which appear frequently and surprisingly, are almost always a spiritual message that you should document.

The message a crow sends you can vary depending on how it appears in your life. Below is a table of the most common ways crows may send you a message and what the message might mean to you.

Crow flying in front of youyou need to do some deep shadow workCrow flying above yousee You a higher perspective on a situationcrow following youpowerful psychic gifts and possible gifts of mediumshipcrows hitting your headmust eliminate any negative karmic debt you have accumulatedcrow landing on your cartake back control of the driver’s seatA crow stares youYou have a unique communication with animals or a connection to spirits that have been passed on

Suggested Next Steps

If you continue with Crow want to work energy, there are specific crystals, herbs and practices you can do to help you uncover the spiritual messages after the crow sends you.

The best crystals to work with crow energy are:

  • Black Obsidian: converts negative energy, protects against energy vampires, gives one Sense of Security
  • Black Tourmaline: Protection, grounding, balancing
  • Jet (lignite): Protection from evil, mitigates Nightmares, Luck, Divination
  • Ruby: abundance, creativity, inspiration, new beginnings

The best herbs to work with crow energy are :

  • Mugwort: develops and manages psychic energy, prophetic dreams, protection
  • Orange peel: divination, luck, Abundance, Success, New Beginnings
  • Wormwood: Mediumship, Psychic Gift Development, Protection, Breaking Curses

The best way to understand what messages are given to you by a crow should keep a diary and meditate. Write down the struggles or life circumstances you are facing, along with when and how crows appear in your life. Pay attention to the details of the crows appearing in your life and the emotions you feel when you see the crows.

After you have filled out at least one page, sit in a quiet place and begin to meditate on the images of the crow that you have recently experienced. Bring any of the above crystals or herbs (dried or as a tea). Ask for guidance and revelations to awaken your consciousness. After 10 minutes, write down all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that came to you during that time.

Over the next few days, pay attention to any sudden ideas, revelations, or new comforts that come into your life to help you process your current life circumstances. Try to work with the crystals or herbs whenever possible to keep the information downloading.


Crows are birds that are strongly associated with the spirit realm. So if you see them frequently or show up in your life in unexpected ways, chances are it is a spiritual bird message. Depending on where you are in your spiritual journey, crows may mean something different to you, so pay attention to the other synchronicities happening around you to further clarify specific meaning.

Some keywords associated with crow are:

  • Transformation
  • Reincarnation
  • Death
  • Psychic Powers
  • Clairvoyance
  • Mediumship
  • Protection
  • Positive Changes
  • Revelation
  • Inner Wisdom
  • Spiritual Evolution
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Higher Perspectives

If you need more crow inspiration, here is an amazing video of a crow showing off their amazing intelligence and problem-solving skills.

As with everything else on this website and the Internet, you should use your intuition in deciding which information is most appropriate for you. Sit still and listen to what a crow means to you on your spiritual journey. While this is one way of interpreting a crow’s spiritual meaning, everyone has their own unique spiritual language.


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