About Us

The Azeemia Sufi order was founded in Pakistan in 1960 by Qalander BaBa Auliya, strengthened & currently headed by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.

Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi​

“At first the Spiritual Master makes you aware of your own Self, a treasure that resides within you; then he opens the door of that treasure.”

Aims & Objectives of The Azeemia

Aims and objectives of Azeemia Spiritual Order, which are to be observed by all the members of this Order:

  • To serve the Religion by remaining on the Straight Path.
  • To strive to advance the Spiritual Mission of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) after practicing his teachings truthfully.
  • To serve the creatures of God.
  • To invite the people to acquire the religious knowledge besides learning the spiritual and the modern sciences.
  • To help people to have that thinking pattern through which they could be aware of their Soul and the Spiritual Potentials.
  • To be sympathetic and courteous with everyone, as much as possible, irrespective of his caste, creed or color by considering the whole mankind a family.

Meet Our Team


Mian Mushtaq Ahmed

In-charge Lahore Meditation Hall

Senior member of Silsala-e-Azeemia for last 28 years. He joined Silsala-e-Azeemia in 1980.

He has been serving for a noble cause as to assist or serve the humanity without any charges and benefits just for the sake of the Murshad-e-Kareem’s order.

PH: +92-42-37243541

Mubashar Azeemi

Chief Marketing Officer

Mubashar Azeemi joined Silsala-e-Azeemia in 2000 as student of spirituality.

(CMO) with oversight of all strategic and operational aspects of marketing for the Silsala on a global basis..

PH: +92-3314393771

Zaid Butt

Content Creator

Zaid Butt joined Silsala-e-Azeemia in 2004 as student of spirituality.

Mr. Zahid Butt is an IT professional, his expertise include “Web/Graphic Designer, GUI, Visualizer and Web Developer”

PH: +92-3217244554

Abdul Jabbar Malang

Chief Technical Officer

Abdul Jabbar Malang joined Silsala-e-Azeemia in 1984 as student of spirituality.

Acting Team leader, dypac team at Emirates Airlines. Responsible for managing all tasks related to inbound & outbound activitys.

PH: +971-0507153857

Irfan Ahmad

Senior PHP Developer

PHP Programmer having 6 years + of experience in web development.

Mr. Irfan Ahmad is an IT professional’s, his expertise include “PHP, MySql, AJAX, MVC, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Drupal and JavaScript ”

PH: +92-3346004548

Waqas Shahzad

Senior PHP Developer

Waqas Shahzad interest in exploring different ideas in life.

Mr. Waqas Shahzad is an IT professional’s, his expertise include “PHP, Magento/Yii, Symfony, MySQL, JavaScript and JQuery.”

PH: +92-3004832103



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